Our Services

At Northern Lights Denture Clinic, we provide comprehensive denture care services amidst a comfortable, pleasant environment. Our on-site denture lab provides you with fast, high quality service!

Consultation / Exam
Call today or book online to make an appointment for a consultation. During your visit, we’ll discuss our approach to dentures, and share with you the methods available.
Lower Suction Dentures
Suction can now be achieved on a lower denture with the Lower Suction Denture Technique as taught by Dr Jiro Abe of Japan.
Complete Dentures / Full Dentures
This is a full denture that replaces all teeth on either one or both arches. We only use premium acrylic and composite teeth resulting in a lifelike healthy smile.
Immediate Dentures after Extractions
Immediate dentures are dentures made within 6 months of having extractions. You can have the dentures made ahead of time to be inserted at the time of extractions.
Partial Dentures
Using the same high quality materials and techniques that we do with complete dentures, we can design and build your partial dentures.
Implant Over-dentures
For more stable dentures the addition of implant anchors can provide stability, increased chewing force, reduced tissue irritation, and decreased bone loss.
Denture Relines / Re-bases
It is recommended to have a re-fit of your dentures every 2-3 years. A re-base is where all the “pink” part of the denture is replaced.
Denture Repairs
Our in-house lab makes denture repairs a top priority. In the event of a breakage, please give our office a call and we will make necessary arrangements to get you smiling as fast as possible again.